PCT filing in Russia

PCT filing  service in Russia

Don’t overlook time- and money-saving way to obtain patent protection in many countries (Russia included) via The Patent Cooperation Treaty ( PCT ).

Hire us as you agent in Russia for national stage in Russia for your PCT application.
Our registered patent attorneys will render best possible PCT filing  service in Russia at very modest fees.

PCT  services in Russia Patent attorney fee Rospatent fee
Translation of PCT  application (EN>RU) $0.06/word nil
Filing  of PCT  application nil nil
– one invention $550 $200
– each independent claim in excess of one $20 nil
–  every claim in excess of 25 nil $30
Request for Substantive Examination nil nil
– one invention $50 $300
– each independent claim in excess of one nil $240
PCT  registration fee $90 $400

Outline of activities duration:

PCT filing  related activities Time necessary
Translation of the PCT  application(EN>RU) 7 working days
Express mail delivery of executed power of attorney from client to Partkom  patent attorney 1-6 working days
Funds transfer (client to us) 3 working days
Funds transferto Rospatent 2 working day
PCT  application delivery to Russian patent office (Rospatent) 1 working day

The application registration number will be available on a date application gets filed.

List of documents/data which are necessary for PCT  application filing in Russia:

Applicant name | Inventor name | Claims | Description | Figures | Abstract | Copy of the priority application | Executed power of attorney

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