Russian trademark search

Russian trademark search service

Determining whether your mark is already in use/registered in Russia (in the same/similar Nice classes you intend to use) is, by all means, very important.

No doubt that it would save you both money and efforts to protect your business from indecent competitors if you do full trademark search before filing your trademark in Russia.

Avoid claims of infringement by other companies which use confusingly similar (or the same) trademark in Russia by using russian trademark search service we provide.

In search report we’ll provide detailed list of any potentially conflicting marks, and will offer our opinion on what kind of changes in your mark or the goods/services might allow successful registration.

Russian trademark search services fees:

Trademark Search subject Time necessary Fees
Search for one word mark (in latin/cyrillic) or combined mark (word + design),  in one Nice class 1 day $35
– Each additional class $10
Search in trademark applications of Russia 1 day $450
Search in international trademarks valid in Russia free of charge
Search domain names of Russia (.SU, .RU andcyrillic .RF) free of charge

Search report will contain list of any potentially conflicting marks and attorney’s opinion.

ATTENTION: you will pay after materials delivery only. Don’t buy pig in a poke, see the results first!

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