Trademark registration in Russia

Trademark registration service in Russia

If you believe that it’s vital to secure your trademark in Russia then no doubt you’re about to take a share of vast Russian market for yourself.  Good move!
Higly experienced patent attorneys of   Partkom  company have been working in the field of trademark registration in Russia for good 20 years.

Not sure yet whether trademark registration in Russia is absolutley necessary for you? Then we can offer you start with russian trademark search service – you’ll get a glimpse of what’s available, and it’ll give you food for thoughts on filing a trademark application in Russia.

The Trademark Law of Russia explicitely requires that foreign applicants to register trademarks in Russia only via patent attorneys registered in Russia.

Keep in mind important fact: Russia uses the “first-to-file” rule.
All rights to a mark will be granted to the person who files the application first – it is not required upon filing trademark application to produce evidence of use,
regardless whether the mark was used in Russia or not. Beware of russian trolls who hunt for not registered yet but actually used marks –  they would register such marks and then approach the company which “infringes” on their marks and require compensation.

Cost of trademark registration in Russia:

Trademark registration in Russia Rospatent fee Attorney fee
Preliminary search $35
Filing new trademark application in Russia $375 $120
Registration, obtaining trademark certificate $425 $155

Necessary documents:

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